Guidelines for Authors

1. Colloquium Anatolicum is published annually by the Turkish Institute of Archaeology (Institutum Turcicum Scientiae Antiquitatis) and features proceedings, original research articles and book reviews on history, archeology, philology, epigraphy of the ancient world.

2. Manuscripts must be written in clear and concise Turkish, German or English. They should not contain content that has been previously published in a peer reviewed journal or in other citable medium, whether in print or electronic. The editorial comittee accepts only text files in MS Word format, with single line spacing and 12 pt font size (Times New Roman). Articles should not exceed 15 A4 pages including the photographs and illustrations. Bibliographic references should be cited within the text (see Art. 9) and explanatory footnotes must be given below the page with a font size of 10 pt.

3. The articles should contain a summary not exceeding 150 words and five keywords both in Turkish and in English.

4. The number of diagrams, maps, drawings and photographs should not exceed 20 in total.

5. Descriptions for the photographs and artwork must include their sources (if applicable) and be submitted on a separate paper.

6. All types of visual material in digital format must be 15 cm long with a resolution of 300 pixel/inch minimum; in case the image is intended to be a full-page one, then the long side must measure 22 cm. Digital images should be submitted in TIFF/JPEG format, executable in Adobe Photoshop. Images embedded in another program (e.g. Microsoft Word) will not be accepted. Drawings prepared in drawing programs should be delivered in their original format without any conversion.

7. Please upload the full text (including figures) as a single MS Word (Microsoft Word 2010 or newer versions) file and as PDF to the journal’s page on the DergiPark site Figures should also be uploaded separately.

8. Bibliography should be provided at the end of the article. Citations should be listed in alphabetical order as follows:

Alp, S., 1972
“Hitit Hiyeroglif Yazısında Şimdiye Kadar Anlamı Bilinmeyen Bir Unvan”, VII. Türk Tarih Kongresi I, Ankara: 98-102.

Benedict, R., 1959
Patterns of Culture, Boston.

Dinçol, A. – B. Dinçol, 1992
“Die Urartaeische Inschrift aus Hanak (Kars)”, H. Otten – E. Akurgal – H. Ertem – A. Süel (eds.), Hittite and other Anatolian and Near Eastern Studies in Honour of Sedat Alp, Ankara: 109-117.

Robinson, M., 1995
“Frank Calvert and the Discovery of Troia”, Studia Troica 5: 323-341.

Yakar, J., 2003
“Identifying Migrations in the Archaeological Records of Anatolia”, B. Fischer – H. Genz – E. Jean – K. Köroğlu (eds.), Identifying Changes: The Transition from Bronze to Iron Ages in Anatolia and its Neighbouring Regions, Procceding of the International Workshop Istanbul, Nowember 8-9, 2002, Istanbul: 11-19.

Konyar, E., 2004
Doğu Anadolu Erken Demir Çağı Kültürü: Arkeolojik Kazı ve Yüzey Araştırmaları Bulgularının Değerlendirilmesi, İstanbul Üniversitesi, Sosyal Bilimler Enstitüsü, Eskiçağ Tarihi Anabilim Dalı, (Yayınlanmamış Doktora Tezi), İstanbul.

Link to online resources and websites should be cited as:


9. Bibliographical references should be given in the text in parentheses containing the name of the author, the year of the publication and the number of pages (Benedict 1959: 45-48), (Robinson 1995: 340-341). No bibliographical footnotes will be accepted except for the explanations that are thought to disturb the course of the text.

10. The articles to be submitted to our annual periodical should be uploaded to the Dergipark system and

11. The Journal reserves the right not to publish the articles.

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