Publishing Ethics and Policy

CollAn Ethical Principles and Publication Policy
1) Protection of Personal Data: Personal data of real persons in the articles evaluated in Colloquium Anatolicum are protected under the Law on the Protection of Personal Data. They are not shared with third parties and institutions.
2) Colloqium Anatolicum does not request any fee for procedures such as submission, evaluation, publication of papers. It does, however, accept sponsorship offers.
3) The journal’s editors review each article submitted before the deadline for editorial review by checking whether it complies with the Colloquium Anatolicum submission guidelines. The aim of Colloquium Anatolicum is to present original works to the academic circles. The author(s) guarantees and accepts that the article has not been previously published and is not under evaluation in any other journal. Articles that do not comply with the journal’s principles will be declined. Articles that successfully pass the pre-evaluation and plagiarism control are sent to at least two referees.
4) All forms of duplication, fake/denied authorship, data fabrication, dissection of an article for publication in various other journals, infringement of copyright, and hiding conflict of interest are regarded unethical. All articles submitted to Colloquium Anatolicum are checked for plagiarism by iThenticate. If the Similarity Index (SI) of the article is over 20%, it is returned to the relevant author(s) to reduce the SI below 20% or rejected according to the report. A score above the mentioned rate might be subject to close scrunity and referee reevaluation. Failure to make required corrections results in the rejection of the article in the initial stage. Should the plagiarism is proven after the publication of an article, it is immediately removed from the website, and the relevant author(s) is banned from submitting article to Colloquium Anatolicum for a period of five years. The editorial board is entitled to notify the index in which the journal is listed, and other relevant institutions if necessary.
5) Articles are subject to peer review standarts. They are reviewed by at least two independent referees outside the institution where the author(s) work. In order to be published articles need alt least two favourable reviews. Referees are required to fill evaluation forms where they express their reasons for the publication or rejection of the article. In case of unethical/nonacademic comments, the editorial board requests revision and correction from referees.
6) In accordance with the editorial policy of the journal, the editorial board may view an article when a suspicion of unethical conduct arises in the course of its evaluation or after its publication. Any issue concerning copyright ot unethical conduct results in withdrawal of the article within author’s knowledge.
7) CollAn has adopted and follows the guidelines of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ), Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association (OASPA) ve World Association of Medical Editors (WAME). Guidelines are listed under “The Principles of Transparency and Best Practice in Scholarly Publishing”, which can be accesed from
8) Articles with DOI numbers that are qualified to appear in the journal may be opened to online early access in the appropriate volume and issue by the editorial board for dissemination of upto- date scientific knowledge. The early access articles might not be the final versions that will be published in the regular issue. Minor corrections could be made to the final versions of the articles.
9) Digital Object Identifier (DOI) is an address that allows the identification of, and access to the authorized and genuine copies of electronically published works. Collquium Anatolicum assigns DOI numbers to the accepted articles thereby securing the official information of the articles in electronic media.
10) Colloquium Anatolicum does not accept responsibility for any problems arising from copyright issues. The author(s) accepts responsibility in this regard, and is(are) responsible for providing and checking the copyright and usage permissions of the sources and materials they use in advance. The authors who have published their articles in Colloquium Anatolicum have accepted the following conditions.
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