Corpus Ponderum Antiquorum et Islamicorum

Türk Eskiçağ Bilimleri Enstitüsü, Prof. Dr. Oğuz Tekin başkanlığında ve yürütücülüğünde Corpus Ponderum Antiquorum et Islamicorum (Antik ve İslami Ağırlıklar Corpusu) adıyla yeni bir proje başlatmış bulunuyor. Projenin çıkış noktası, antik ve İslami ticari ağırlıklara ilişkin bilimsel yayınların azlığı ve bu konunun bilimsel platforma taşınmasının gerekliliğidir.


Corpus Ponderum Antiquorum et Islamicorum  – Turkey 2
Istanbul Archaeological Museums. Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Islamic Weights in the Department of Metal Objects

Oğuz Tekin – Gülbahar Baran Çelik

The second volume of CPAI project is composed of weights in the Metal Objects Section of the Istanbul Archaeological Museums. The catalogue has weights ranging from the IVth Century BCE to the end of the Ottoman Empire. While some of the 455 weights in the catalogue joined the collection via purchasing or confiscations, some were unearthed during excavations. 111 of them date from IVth Century to the end of the Roman Empire, 196 are from the Byzantine Period, while the rest of the 148 are from the Seldjuk and Ottoman Periods. Among the first part, of which some few of them date to the IVth Century BCE but mostly from the Hellenistic Period, the ones from Athens, Lysimakheia, Byzantion, Cyzicus, Kyme ve Miletus are the most interesting examples of the collection. The round shaped weights that are flattened from sides and dating to the Roman Imperial Period are also represented in considerable catalogues. The Byzantine weights are grouped in two parts; the "coinage control weights" (nomisma and higher units) and "weights used in weighing goods" (litra, uncia). Also are Islamic weights from 400 dirhems to one dirhem in different forms.

ISBN: 9786054701148
2013 - Istanbul



Corpus Ponderum Antiquorum et Islamicorum  – Turkey 1
The Collection of Klima Plus in Silifke Museum. Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Islamic Weights

Oğuz Tekin – Ali M. Merzeci

The first volume of Corpus Ponderum Antiquorum et Islamicorum (CPAI) project, whose aim is to publish weights in Turkish museums and private collections, is composed of a private collection located in Silifke Museum. The catalogue has 161 weights, which are grouped under three sections: Hellenistic and Roman Imperial Period (49), Byzantine Period (33) and Islamic Period (79). Most of the Hellenistic and Roman Imperial Period weights are smooth, have square or rectangular shape are made of lead. The breadboard shaped Roman Imperial Period lead weight sets an interesting example with the unit name (litra) on it and a caduceus depiction. Byzantine weights vary from two-uncias to one nomisma. Although the Islamic weights are mostly composed of dirhems dating to the Ottoman Empire, there a few pre-Ottoman dirhems in the collection as well. Most of these Islamic Period weights are decorated with bird eye motifs.

ISBN: 9786054701001
2012 - Istanbul